The Kifers

The Kifers

Ramblings of Start-Ups, Games, Tech Industry, and our Travels

About Amanda and Justin Kifer

Together we’re creating products that enriching lives through a lifetime of fun experiences. We work a team of talented professionals who have become family over the years across product management, game design, ux/ui design, and hardware + software development.

Our strength comes from our team of elite technology professionals ranging from startup masters to corporate leaders. Our perspective is unique and we educate others by giving first to the tech community through meetups, speaking engagements, and mentorship.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion. Don’t be shy! We love to chat.

Amanda Kifer

Product Management Leader

Avid board game player and collector, builds fpv mini quadcopters, and pretends to be a gourmet chef.

Justin Kifer

Tech Entrepreneur

Cycled the length of Italy, Runs sub 6-minute miles, and tricks out his camper van for road trips.

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